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Sperry Top Sider Bahama 2 Eye Aqua Pucker Zebra


Berry Floral




Black Sequins


Black White


Bahama 2 Eye Blue Jersey


Blue Plaid Navy


Coral Jersey


Gold Brown Zebra


Grape Shells White


Grape Zebra Fushsia


Sperry Bahama 2 Eye Grey Jersey


Ivory Plaid Sand


Light Rose


Navy Anchors


Navy Yellow Plaid


Bahama 2 Eye Pink Orange Zebra


Purple Iridescent Sequins


Purple Jersey


Sperry Bahama 2 Eye Red Sequins


Rose Plaid Sequins Cordovan Teddy


Blue Iridescent Sequins


Sperry AO 2 Eye



Sperry Top-Sider Bahama 2-Eye are super eye-catching shoes which are the combination rich materials, classic looks and modern styling. These shoes have super soft and comfortable interior which ensures that your feet remain completely stress free for hours. The excellent looks of these shoes allows you to wear them with just about nay casual outfit. The upper of these shoes have been made from the top notch cotton canvas which is soft and contours as per the shape of your feet for perfect fit. The upper has the original Tru-Moc construction which is hand-sewn and offers superior durability. These shoes have the Vulcanized construction in which the outsole and upper are bonded together securely to make these shoes flexible and highly durable. The upper also has the 360 degree lacing system which allows you customized and secure fit. These shoes have the slip on construction which allows you to wear them easily. The interior has smooth lining which keeps the feet healthy, odorless and dry by wicking the moisture off them. The interior also ensures that your feet remain abrasion free and comfortable for hours. The footbed has excellent cushioning to deliver superior comfort and support to your feet for hours. This footbed allows you to stay on your feet for long time without any stress. These shoes have the outsole made from the premium quality non-marking rubber which offers flexibility and stable ride. The outsole keeps your stride sturdy and ensure smoother walking. The outsole also has the razor cut Wave Siping which have been designed to maintain great grip on various dry and wet terrains. These shoes weigh 11 ounces as per size 8. You can find this style in these colors: Yellow Jersey Sequins, Navy 2/ White, White Sequins, White Glitter, White Iridescent Sequins, White, Navy/ Turquoise Zebra, Light Pink/ Stone, Cordovan Teddy/ Rose Plaid Sequins, Red Sequin, Purple Jersey Sequins, Purple Iridescent Sequins, Orange Zebra Sequins/ Pink, Yellow Plaid/ Navy, Navy Sequins/ Navy Anchors, Light Rose, Sand Sequins/ Ivory Plaid, Grey Jersey Sequins, Fuchsia/ Grape Zebra, White Sequins/ Grape Shells, Brown Zebra Sequins/ Gold, Coral Jersey Sequins, Navy Sequins/ Blue Plaid, Blue Jersey Sequins, Blue Iridescent Sequins, White Sequins/ Black, Black Sequins, Black, Berry Floral Sequins and Pucker Zebra Sequins/ Aqua.



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Julie from Marion, Iowa

This shoe is absolutely the best for someone with a high instep because of the higher toe box which gives great stability to my ankles, which have both been sprained a number of times and each broken once. I haven't sprained my ankles once since wearing this model of shoe. I tend to wear shoes over on the side because my feet are very wide, so I also buy these because they come in the extra wide for me and extra extra wide for my mother who needs more space due to swelling and more stability due to neuropathy. I buy two at a time for myself to make sure I always have a spare on the closet shelf. This is a substantial shoe in the stability and support it gives, but it's lightweight at the same time, and I've been able to wear these longer than any other shoe I've ever owned. They simply are the best shoe, especially for someone who has a high instep and needs space and stability.

L from Salt Lake City, UT

I like the shoe fit except where my high arch/instep is and my toes are in the shoes. The set of the front-top part hurts my high arch/instep and my toes feel squished and scrunched. I have decided it is healthier for my feet to go to a shoe store and try on shoes before I purchase them so I am assured my toes as well as my feet will be totally comfortable and supported in the shoes that I wear.

RF from Greater Chicago Land

This is the only shoe I've purchased for work in the last three years and my third or fourth reorder. I work in an engineering office that doesn't allow athletic shoes and this is understated enough that I can wear the black model and no one complains. Like all New Balance shoes I've purchased it is quite comfortable. (I've read other reviews of the white shoe that refer to it as a nurse's shoe.) The faux leather holds up quite well and the sizing is flexible; when my size wasn't available I've bought it a half-size larger and a half-size smaller in men's and women's sizes and the lacing basically made up the difference. It does squeak very noticeably on tile floors and if I worked in an office with them I might have to reconsider, but our current workplace is blessedly non-carpeted, so I plan to keep ordering these as long as New Balance makes them.

MJ from Urban Central Maine

This is the 4th pair, size 8 1/2 Narrow. The first time my podiatrist suggested this style and I felt like Cinderella as my foot slipped in and stabilized my balance. After wearing for a year or so, I felt that maybe the shoe was loosening up a bit, so I got a second pair and kept the original for hiking, gardening, even sailing. They were pretty waterproof and would dry quickly. Three previous pairs were beige. I just got a black pair only because I felt the color more appropriate for fall and winter than the light color which I want to keep for warmer weather. I appreciate that they are made in America. Comfort is foremost. I have several other pairs of shoes in various styles for dress up, but for serious working around the house, shopping, wearing all day every day.

Katy from West Virginia

I bought this shoe for my 86 year old mom who has diabetes, chronic swollen feet, and is very hard to find shoes for. These shoes are comfortable for her, she can get them on unaided, and they also look very stylish (one thing she really wanted as she has lots of club meetings and church meetings she goes to weekly). One feature I especially like is that they stabilize her walking a great deal. When wearing these shoes she is much more confident and sure footed.


A Few More Colors From Our Most Favorite Style:

Bahama 2 Eye Stone Light Pink Turquoise Zebra Navy White White Glitter
White Iridescent Sequins White Navy Bahama 2 Eye White Sequins Yellow Jersey


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